GRAF+®: A Broad Spectrum of Graphite Powders


Our Graf+® powder business is supported by our graphite material science expertise – over 135 years of it!

NeoGraf Solutions can optimize several variables that tailor the end characteristics of our Graf+® graphite powders to meet customer needs. The resulting highly engineered graphite powders are used as additives in a large number of applications.

Manufacturing Process

Our manufacturing process begins with specifying the starting raw material. Our selection of natural and synthetic graphite can deliver a varying degree of crystallinity and purity.

Further, we tailor the processing of these raw materials to deliver a differentiated graphite powder. Our expertise in chemical treating, thermal processing, and milling allow us to offer the broadest range of critical powder characteristics. 

Key Characteristics

Key characteristics controlled through our manufacturing process are the surface area, the particle size, and the purity of the material.

  • Graphite Type: Expanded Natural Graphite (ENG), Natural Graphite (NG), or Synthetic Graphite (SG)
  • Particle Size D50: from mm to ~ 5μm
  • Purity: 99.9+ % Carbon (A) or 98+% Carbon (B) or 95+% Carbon (C)

We welcome the opportunity to become your graphite material science experts and customize a graphite powder solution for your application.

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