GRAFGUARD® Expandable Graphite Flakes

GRAFGUARD® expandable graphite flake is a non-halogenated fire retardant additive for materials that require improved fire-protection characteristics including wood, foam, plastics, roofing and other construction and building materials. Expandable graphite can be found in critical fire-stop automotive applications. This product improves the performance of fire-retardant additives such as phosphates, magnesium hydroxide and nitrogen compounds.

Crystalline graphite flake is the starting material required to make expandable graphite. During manufacturing, chemicals are trapped between the graphite layers. The graphite expansion initiated from a fire can be more than 100 times its original thickness, resulting in a non-burnable, insulating layer. GRAFGUARD® expandable graphite flake enables the building products and automotive industries to meet increasingly stringent fire safety codes for wood products and foam insulation panels, putties, coatings and structural panels.


  • Customized onset temperature from 160°C to 280°C
  • Custom grade nomenclature (onset temperature, flake size, pH)
  • Forms an effective insulating “char” layer that protects the substrate from heat and oxygen
  • Expands up to eight times more than competitive products
  • Exhibits superior performance at low temperatures
  • Highest expansion volume
  • Contains no halogenated fire-retardant additives
  • Manufactured without the lead or chromium that can be found in other expanding graphite flakes
  • Enables ideal application as an intumescent additive
  • High volume manufacturing capability
  • Only North American manufacturer of expandable graphite


  • Reliable performance
  • Consistent engineered activation temperatures to meet compounding/processing requirements
  • Performance does not degrade with time or environmental exposure
  • Controlled surface pH (from 4-9) makes GRAFGUARD compatible with any catalyst system
  • Meets many flame-stop performance targets at low loading levels
  • Reduces smoke evolution
  • Non-toxic, non-halogenated fire-stop additive
  • World-leading expandable graphite application expertise

What is an “intumescent” firestop?

Video Courtesy: International Firestop Council

GRAFGUARD® expandable graphite flake products, materials, and processes are covered by one or more of the following US patents: 6,669,919. Other US and foreign patents granted or pending.