Change Drivers

Our world is evolving rapidly, and its technological advancements will have wide reaching implications across many industries. At NeoGraf we see these global megatrends fueling our growth for years to come. It's no surprise that the world's largest companies trust us to deliver material science breakthroughs taking their technology to new levels.

High Performance

NeoGraf and the Graphene Market

NeoGraf Solutions, LLC is invested in continuing to explore up-and-coming, emerging graphene and graphite type technologies, or other complementary nanotechnologies that can benefit customers in various market segments.


Innovative Graphite Materials for Medical and Diagnostic Devices 

SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite heat spreaders often play a critical role in thermal management in many kinds of medical devices.


GraFoil® Sealing Solutions Help to Stabilize Infrastructure During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Introduced to the marketplace in 1967 as the first original flexible graphite technology, GraFoil® products have long been used in a wide array of applications across many industries.


HiTherm™ Thermal Interface Materials - Providing the Vital Thermal Link

Many substances have been used as thermal interface materials, including oily pastes, grease, soft metals, and now HiTherm™ flexible graphite.


Flexible Graphite Use in Electric Vehicles

Graphite is widely used in high-performance cell phones, laptops, TV displays, and tablets; don’t be surprised if your EV has a battery that is cooled with NeoGraf's flexible graphite.

Communications and 5G

Solving Complex Thermal Issues with NeoNexGen™

NeoNxGen thermal management solutions address some of the most pressing challenges in the Consumer Electronics, Automotive and Telecommunications markets.

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