To us, graphite is more than a crystalline form of carbon with hexagonally arranged atoms – it's the mineral around which we have innovated for the past 140 years. Graphite is a key ingredient and functional component in many products – from communications to energy, consumer electronics to transportation, and beyond. It's the reason why some of today's most technologically advanced products are successful and work the way they do.


Adding Graf+® Graphite Powders to Enhance Electrical and Thermal Conductivity, and More

Graf+ graphite powders are used in a variety of applications to enhance electrical and thermal conductivity, reduce degradation to UV radiation, increase insulation value in foams and modify lubrication, friction & wear characteristics.


Regulatory demands and growing consumer pressure are motivating manufacturers across a variety of markets to replace halogenated fire retardant additives with safer, more environmentally friendly solutions.


NeoNxGen™, Overcoming the Challenges of Multilayer Graphite Heat Spreaders

Rising performance standards are making it harder for standard synthetic graphites to satisfactorily spread heat in thin, lightweight and powerful electronic devices.


Reactive Coatings Containing GrafGuard® Expandable Graphite Provide Fire Protection

Coatings are required to do more than simply protect the substrates they cover; the premier intumescent reactive material for fire supression is GrafGuard® Expandable Graphite.


Systematic Evaluation of Bromine-free Flame-retardant Systems in Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene

A comprehensive study of non-halogenated fire retardants conducted by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden was recently published in the Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

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