Jet Milling Services

Particle size reduction for a variety of applications

NeoGraf Solutions, with over 135 years of carbon and graphite material expertise, offers custom jet milling services. We can satisfy your pilot and production scale particle size reduction needs over a broad range of carbon and graphite-based materials. Our value-added capabilities include access to carbon and graphite material scientists, as well as full characterization and material testing. Industries served include building and construction, batteries, electronics, lubricants, coatings, and 3D printing. NeoGraf Solutions is ISO 9001/14001 2015 certified for quality and environmental management.

NeoGraf’s Jet Milling Capabilities
  • Suitable for Pilot and Production Scale Size Reduction
  • 5µm to 25+µm D50 Particle Size
  • Consistent High Quality/No Cross-Contamination
  • A Full Suite of Powder Characterization Techniques
NeoGraf’s Jet Milling Process

Our fluidized bed jet mill micronizes materials by using a jet of compressed gas to collide particles into each other. A built-in air-classifier tightly controls the maximum particle size with a range of 5µm to 25+µm being typical for carbon and graphite materials. Parameters affecting particle size are the friability and density of the starting material, feed rate, starting particle size, gas flow rate, and air classifier speed. Since no grinding media is used the technique produces high purity materials with a minimum of cross contamination or attritional heat.

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What testing capabilities do you have?

We offer value-added capabilities including full characterization and testing of particle size distribution, particle shape measurement, helium density, Scott density, BET surface area, ash content, moisture content, pH, surface acids and elemental analysis.

What is NeoGraf’s lead time for custom jet milling services?

Our lead time is typically 4 weeks, depending on order size. Please contact us if you have specific requirements and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What is your minimum order size for jet milling services?

Our equipment can handle pilot-size and production-scale runs with a minimum start-up of 250 pounds of raw material.

Do you require a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for materials that will pass through your facility?

Yes, we require an SDS for all materials prior to quotation.

How will the jet milled material be packaged?

Our milled materials are fed into paper sacks with cubic ft capacity of 1. The amount of material per bag will depend on the bulk density of the material. Please contact us if you have specific packaging requirements outside of our standard packaging.

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