NeoGraf Solutions, Innovator In Graphite Material Science, Joins The Graphene Council

Graphene opportunities abound in consumer electronics, transportation, building & construction and industrial applications

NeoGraf Solutions, a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance natural and synthetic graphite sheets and additives, is excited to join the ranks of many esteemed companies as the newest member of the Graphene Council.  The Graphene Council serves as the leading source for graphene research and commercial application news and intelligence.  NeoGraf brings over 135 years of manufacturing excellence and innovation in graphite material science to help drive the graphene industry forward.


“This is truly exciting opportunity for us as experts in graphite material science and established market players for graphite solutions, to help drive the graphene market forward.  The recent advancements and applications for graphene is astounding.  Yet graphene is not able to be manufactured cost effectively on a large scale”, said Andy Reynolds CEO of NeoGraf Solutions.

NeoGraf looks forward to learning and contributing its expertise in research and development, cost effective manufacturing and commercialization to create new opportunities, applications and market acceptance of graphene materials. NeoGraf believes attractive markets for graphene product adoption include consumer electronics, transportation, building & construction and industrial applications.