NeoNxGen™ Solutions

NeoNxGen™ Thermal Management Solutions

When your thermal requirements get complex, your thermal solution is simple.

NeoNxGen is a high performance, thick graphite thermal management solution designed to be used in the most challenging applications. NeoNxGen is a reliable, easy to use, single layer solution eliminating the cost, complexity, and reliability concerns of multilayered solutions. NeoNxGen is designed to serve markets with demanding thermal challenges such as consumer electronics, transportation, energy storage, medical, and aerospace.

Features & Benefits

  • No material losses due to roll splices and misalignment
  • A reliable product with no internal adhesive delamination concerns
  • A thin solution that does not require internal adhesive layers
  • No quality concerns due to bubbles,wrinkles, delamination, and contamination between layers
  • Eliminates costs of lamination step(s), adhesive tapes, and multiple quality inspections

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100µm Solutions Thermal Performance Comparison

Single-layer NeoNxGen N-100

3-layer 32µm Synthetic Graphite

Single-layer Natural Graphite SS600


NeoGraf’s NeoNxGen™ is a monolayer graphite that provides the most desired features of a multilayer synthetic. It is a high performing, cost effective solution that achieves better thermal conductance than synthetic graphite, natural graphite, and metallic solutions. Read more.

NeoNxGen™ is designed to address thermal challenges that require high thermal conductivity and a thick form factor. Traditionally, synthetic graphite offers good thermal conductivity; however, this material is thickness limited. NeoNxGen offers similar or better thermal performance in a single reliable layer, reducing complexity. Read more.

*NeoNxGen is a patented product.