Graphite has become a vital part of many of today’s most advanced products and applications. From Consumer Electronics, to Industrial Gaskets, to Fire Stop materials graphite’s unique properties of being thin, lightweight, flexible, long-lasting, and non-flammable have enabled the production of the most desired devices and products.

Consumer Electronics

From the latest cell-phone in your pocket, to the thin Ultrabook computer on your desk, to the Ultra High Definition television on your wall, thin lightweight flexible graphite is enabling today’s most desired consumer electronics technology. Graphite effectively spreads in a thin and lightweight form factor making the latest generations of advanced electronics possible.

Telecommunications / High Powered Computing / Power Electronics

Industrial applications such as cell-phone tower base stations, high powered servers, and IGBT power electronics modules require advanced Thermal Interface Materials. Flexible graphite provides material that is easy to install, does not have an operational lifetime, and is able to handle a wide variety of surfaces.

Fire Stop Materials

Fire resistant foams, carpets, roofing, and building materials are all enabled by heat activated graphite fire stop additives. These specially formulated graphite flakes can be inert for years, but when exposed to the heat of a fire, they instantly expand to several hundred times their original volume, providing both a fire stop and a smoke stopping char layer.

Automotive and Transportation Electronics

Electronics systems in transportation have dramatically changed over recent years and graphite has become a primary enabling technology. From non-outgassing and permanent graphite Thermal Interface Material in LED headlights, to thin flexible heaters for cabin comfort, to lightweight and versatile heat spreaders in the latest video based display technology, graphite is leading the automotive electronics revolution.

Automotive, Transportation, and Grid Storage Batteries

Then next generation of Electric Automotive and Marine batteries need thermal management materials that are lightweight, thin, and long lasting. These materials must not only cool the cells during normal operation, but must prevent propagation in the event of a cell failure. Flexible graphite directly replaces thick and heavy aluminum in these lithium ion transportation battery modules where energy density, safety, and performance are critical.

Industrial and Automotive Gasket Materials

Fluid and gas sealing environments are unusually tough and demanding. High pressures, extreme temperatures, harsh gasses, and corrosive chemicals are common. Graphite is insensitive to temperature, unaffected to chemical attack, readily compressible, and permanent. It is easy to die cut and install, making graphite the ideal gasketing material.