Industrial applications such as wireless base stations, high-performance servers, IGBTs, and other power electronics modules require advanced thermal interface materials (TIMs) to maximize their functionality and increase reliability of the devices. Flexible graphite provides material that is easy to install, does not degrade over the operational lifetime, works flawlessly in demanding conditions and temperatures and is able to handle a wide variety of surfaces without compromising performance.

Network and Telecommunication

The advent of faster networks such and 5G and Gigabit Internet is enabled by high-powered, yet smaller-footprint devices. These highly power-dense devices require the highest performing thermal interface material (TIM) to maximize their capabilities. eGRAF® HITHERM™ Thermal Interface Materials provide uncompromising performance in an easy-to-install form.

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High Performance Computing

From machine learning to cloud computing, the on today’s servers for both performance and reliability are key in ensuring effective functioning of these machines. As the thermal challenges increase, the need for reliable and consistent thermal solutions like the eGRAF® HITHERM™ Thermal Interface Materials are critical to performance. See how the eGRAF® HITHERM™ HT-C3200 can address these challenges.

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IGBT and Power Electronic Devices

The proliferation of power electronics is both industrial and consumer segments has given rise to highly efficient, very powerful and compact footprints resulting in high-power-density devices. Traditional thermal interface materials (TIMs) can fall short of the performance and reliability needed for these devices. Flexible graphite TIMs provide reliable performance over a wide range of conditions and temperatures (-50°C to 400°C), ensuring a single solution that can work for all modules types including wide-bandgap (WBG) devices.

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