Product and industry innovations factor significantly in NeoGraf Solutions’ history. In the 1980s, we not only created a graphite fluid-sealing solution to replace asbestos, but also built a market around it. In the 1990s, NeoGraf introduced the first graphite thermal interface material for use in DC-DC converters, plasma and LCD televisions and more. Here is a snapshot of the products NeoGraf offers today.



eGraf® Products Family

NeoGraf Solutions’ eGraf® products include an array of thermal management solutions for electronic applications. From Heat Spreaders to Thermal Interface Materials, NeoGraf’s flexible graphite products offer a variety of thermal properties and deliver a broad range of performance attributes.

eGraf® NeoNxGen™  is a high performance, thick graphite thermal management solution designed to be used in the most challenging applications. NeoNxGen is a reliable, easy to use, single layer solution eliminating the cost, complexity, and reliability concerns of multilayered solutions. NeoNxGen is designed to serve markets with demanding thermal challenges such as consumer electronics, transportation, energy storage, medical, and aerospace.

eGraf® SpreaderShield™ flexible graphite heat spreaders feature NeoGraf’s unique material capable of cooling a hot component, protecting a temperature sensitive component, reducing a thermal gradient, or preventing a surface hot spot. SpreaderShield heat spreaders are ideal for a wide range of electronics applications, from the thinnest and lightest smartphones to higher power devices.

eGraf® HiTherm™ thermal interface materials (TIMs) are designed for long life, mission-critical applications that have extreme heat cycles. HiTherm TIMs are made of flexible graphite specifically engineered for demanding lighting, computing and power electronics applications.

Graf+® Graphite Powders

Graf+® graphite powders can be added to a range of polymers to enhance thermal and electrical conductivity, reduce degradation to UV radiation, and increase insulation value in foams and boards. NeoGraf’s Graf+ natural and synthetic graphite powders and nanoplatelets are available in a range of particle sizes and purities depending on the end use application. Our graphite powders are available as dry powders or compounded with polymers as masterbatches. Specialty grease and lubricants formulations are also available.

GrafGuard® Expandable Graphite Flakes

GrafGuard® expandable graphite flakes are non-halogenated fire retardant additives for materials that require improved fire-protection characteristics including wood, foam, plastics, roofing and other construction and building materials. Expandable graphite can also be found in critical fire-stop automotive applications. This product improves the performance of fire-retardant additives such as phosphates, magnesium hydroxide and nitrogen compounds.

GRAFOIL® Flexible Graphite

GRAFOIL® flexible graphite was the first fluid sealing material made exclusively from pure, natural graphite flake. Its resistance to heat, fire, corrosion, and aggressive chemicals make it the most universally applicable sealing solution on the market today. Like no others, GRAFOIL products provide a tight seal, even after repeated exposure to the harshest environments.



Jet Milling Services

NeoGraf Solutions offers custom jet milling services to satisfy your pilot and production scale particle size reduction needs over a broad range of carbon and graphite-based materials. NeoGraf’s value-added capabilities include access to carbon and graphite material scientists, as well as full characterization and material testing. Industries served include building and construction, batteries, electronics, lubricants, coatings, and 3D printing.

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